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I enjoy building model kits! It's a hobby I first picked up from my boyfriend, who's got several more years experience under his belt. What I lack in technical skill I make up for in creativity!! But I'd like to improve in both aspects next year.

In early 2019, the both of us joined a local model kit club named Gunpla Knights. These meetings have seriously pushed me into trying a lot more, and I'm really grateful.


PETIT'GGUY x2: I made this for a diorama contest on Facebook. The theme was food and drink, and only Petit'gguys could be used. I decided to make a Shirley Temple! The drink is gel wax, so it could stay bubbly and hold the heads in place gently. I poured it at a low temperature, so it looks a bit too viscous, but I was afraid that the non-tempered glass would shatter if it was too hot. I ended up winning the contest... by virtue of being the only entrant to remember the contest.


Megami Device Chaos & Pretty Witch Darkness: My last finished kit of the year, before it becomes too cold and humid outside to spray. This was my first time applying waterslide decals, with Jeremy applying the trickier ones. The kit came with foil stickers for the orange accents, but they were incomplete, so I chose to not use them at all. Jeremy panel lined the pieces with orange instead, while I tried to paint the center line white with a Gundam Marker. She's a bit rough overall, but I'm still really proud of how she turned out. Next time, I'll try to panel line myself! Clear Momoharo: My boyfriend bought me this at a convention! I really love the cat haros, so I'm really glad. I tried painting the inner parts with a metallic marker, but it's hardly visible, so I might go over it again with proper metallic paint some other time. GM-3 HG: I built this as part of a speed build competition! We had 3 hours to build the kit to the best of our abilities, and every entry was judged by a special guest. I didn't place or anything, but my boyfriend won first!! We keep both of ours posed together at home now.
Harute HG: My latest build! The whole kit is surprisingly flexible, especially for one that transforms, but it can't stand up by itself at all. I was able to paint one of the parts that would have needed a sticker thanks to someone at Gunpla Knights lending me their Gundam Marker, and it looks pretty decent in my opinion. Ball Haro: Gimmicky Haros are so much fun and so very dumb. I think the part where the gun attaches is a standard 3mm hole, so I could do some pretty wild customs if I wanted to. Char's Zaku HG: My other latest build. Iiiit was kind of boring, but it's also my first Zaku, which I guess is cause for celebration.
Figurise Nami: A Christmas gift from my boyfriend's parents, and my first mecha musume(?) kit! It's also the kit I made at my first Gunpla Knights meeting, where I discovered that quality tools really make all the difference. Clear Orange Haro: A round boi. My first clear kit technically, but someday I'll make a real fancy one. Usa-chan Robo: An iDOLM@STER model kit! It's technically finished, but I want to paint the details that are supposed to be stickers. I need to get better as masking first, though...
Guntank Origin HG: I didn't expect to have as much fun as I did building this kit. It's really a sturdy little thing! It's not cute at all though. :/ Momoharo: The OG! I kind of wish they'd attached the cat ears like they did in the Gundam 00 side novels, but that would have required redesigning the main Haro shell. This option is a bit easier to produce. I brought this one to work and didn't topcoat it until a few months later, so there's some suble discoloration. Miss Sazabi HG: My boyfriend and I built this kit years ago, when we were long-distance and he came up to visit me. It's massive for the scale, so it was pretty easy to put together and stayed nice despite my not taking good care of it afterwards.
AGE-II Magnum HG: Slightly cursed. I got this set of three to make Legenders customs with, and it was a bit ambitious. This was for Amehiko, because the original pilot shares the same VA. Z'Gok-E HG: It's all downhill from here. This kit is supposed to be for Chris, because the event confirmed he was piloting an iconic aquatic mobile suit but I thought he'd look out of place without shoulders. The Z'Gok-E does have shoulders, but the arms are super crappy. If I ever go forward with this project again, I'd probably just build a regular Z'Gok. Union Flag Custom: I hate this. I picked the Flag for Sora because he was supposed to have a "fight type" suit, and I didn't want to upstage the leader but giving him something that was too main Gundam-ish. However, the Flag is a fragile piece of crap. It's missing parts and I don't even care anymore. God I hate this thing.


Megami Device Bullet Knights Lancer: Soooo pretty. I love everything about this kit, and I'm so glad I get to build it! There's a lot of waterslide decals, so it'll be a challenging project, but I'm really looking forward to it. I'm probably going to end up buying every pink-haired, black-and-white Megami Device, whoops. AGE-II Magnum MG: My first Master Grade! My boyfriend got it for me as a challenge, and I'm both excited and intimidated. I got third-party decals for it too, which is exciting. Mobile Doll Sarah HG: I fell in love with this kit when it first released, but completely missed buying it... but now I get to try again! The Bandai mecha musume kits all have sticker eyes, but Sarah has a more robot-y face option as well, and I'm curious to see if it'll look better or not.
Momokapool HG: I love this little guy! The Build series kits that take scary looking suits and make them cute are the best. This will probably be my actual next build, because it'll take less polish than the intricate and decal-heavy ones. [placeholder bc i don't know how to lay out pages w/o using tables wooo] Chara'gguy Sarah HG: Speaking of taking scary suits and making them cute. I'm... not sure how cute the character face will end up being, but here's hoping!