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Happi A crowdfunded happi coat, 2018. This is one of the coolest Hiromi things I own. The organizer of the campaign was incredibly patient with me, despite the language barrier and my general buffoonery. The artist that made the illustration on the back is Sacco!
Shirt 1 First released at Winter Comiket, 2017. The cloth is an athletic-wear material. Hiromi is printed on the back of the shirt, so theoretically you can hide her with your jacket.
Shirt 2 Premium Bandai exclusive, 2018. It's really soft, and the design feels dyed deeply into the fabric. It's really cute!
Shirt 3 From ちまドル アイドルマスター シンデレラガールズ ワンステップスセット, 2019. I was so happy to see Hiromi kept as the unit center!
Tote Bag Premium Bandai exclusive, 2018. The quality is better than I expected, and I'd totally use it if it weren't so rare.
Lanyard A pink lanyard for the 7th Live, 2019. It has her name printed on it, but it's rather plain. Comes with a cord holder, which is also pretty plain.
Rubber Bracelet A pink bracelet for the 7th Live, 2019. This thing is SO small?? Why would you make a child size bracelet for an otaku series??