Nendoroid Doll I made this in 2019! The paint has gotten a bit beaten up because I wasn't careful with her, but that will have to wait until the weather improves. I was able to get some pictures with other Nendoroid Doll/Obitsuroid owners at AnimeNYC, so I might make a subpage for her eventually.
StellaLou Custom Hiromi So this is a weird one! StellaLou is a Disney parks mascot outside of America, and it seems that her (and other Friends of Duffy) are made to be dressed up? I found a store that makes clothing for various Friends of Duffy plushes, and one of the outfits they offered was Hiromi's SSR2! The store didn't have any other iM@S outfits, so I'm not sure why they chose Hiromi, but I'm glad to have a cute Hiromi-ish plush nonetheless.
352 Piece Puzzle (Cute) Released in 2012! Hiromi's not the focus of the image, but this was her first ever appearance on merch. The puzzle came with a packet of some sort of glue and a spreader for once I've finished, which is... weird. I'm going to put it together with my boyfriend, and I guess I'll figure out how to display it after that!
Standee 1 From アクリルキャラコレクションぷち 第2弾, 2017. Her iconic paired item is the round boi, with one of her necklaces draped over it. I see this set being sold a lot at conventions and in stores too, and it's nice to imagine that a lot of people I don't know have this Hiromi.
Standee 2 6th live goods that were later released as Premium Bandai, 2018. There's a manget embedded inside, but I don't know how you're supposed to use them. I bought two so that both sides could be displayed.
Standee 3 From アクリルキャラプレートぷち 10, 2019. The background is the BG of her first SSR. I was looking forward to seeing the penlights, but starting with this set, they began doing more standees with only the idol and BG. The BG is massive and detailed as a result, so I guess that's fine.
Standee 4 7th live memorial goods, 2019. Came as a set with the entire Comical Pops cast, the stage, and a script for the live skits. The scale is way smaller than previous stands, so it can't really be displayed with others even if you wanted to. (It's made by a different company, so this isn't unexpected.) All of the pieces were held together in the box with tape, so there's nasty adhesive residue on the few parts I've pulled out. It's just not great, and not worth the cost they charged for it. At least Hiromi is super cute, as expected.
Hanko Stamps Released in 2019. The round one is 18mm wide, and the square one is 21mm wide. Hanko stamps are used to sign official documents, so in most cases, you would have your name engraved onto them. I'm a foreigner though, so I left the names blank. They feel a lot more luxurious than I expected, and the carving looks really delicate on the 18mm one. I can't even think about using them, because I'm afraid I would mess them up.
Acrylic Keyholder Stand The artist is Aise. It was previously sold at Cinderella Stage 5STEP, in 2017. The stand is slightly loose, so it would be safer to display as a charm, but I really like having it stand up.
Cushion From the Live Broadcast 24magic stream, 2020. It already looks super cute!! I have a similar cushion from another branch, so I'm expecting it to be about the same. It'll probably arrive here totally shrink-wrapped and super flat, but puff up in no time.
Sticker 6th live goods, 2018. Hiromi's sticker has been cut from the rest of the sheet. It's way bigger than I expected! I prepared a washi card to put it on, but it's safer just keeping it on the paper.
Sticker Sets The artist is TorideP. These were sold as two sets, and the artist gave me extra variants as a bonus! It's hard to photograph the holofoil, but they're all really cute. Because I have extras, I need to carefully consider what I can Seki-fy.
Suprere Parody Stickers The artist is TorideP. The larger ones are about the size of a bumper sticker, and the material feels like it would resist water. I want to put my duplicate on my first car.
Commission Stickers The artist is Christina LY. I ordered these at Toracon 2016. There were 10 in the set, and I've only used one so far.
Phone Stand From キャラスター☆スマホスタンド第三弾, 2017. There's a little puchi and cute symbol to hold your phone in place. This is one of the first Hiromi goods I managed to order all by myself. The pictured card is one of my favorites, so I was over the moon.
Washi Tape A pink washi tape, released 2018. Kanako and Kana are one it, too. I originally wanted to keep it packaged forever, but then I wanted to display the tape itself, so I opened it and put the sticker label on a washi card. The tape itself is bad quality, but eventually I'll figure out a better setup.
Pen Released 2019. I bought one for use and one for display. It's cute, and I like having a little Hiromi with me wherever I go.
Pass Case 1 Released 2018. Comes with a wrist strap. Was only sold in the offical iDOLM@STER store. I hired a proxy to go there, only to find they were sold out... but the location near him was moving floors during the sales period, so I asked him to check again after the move. He was able to find one that time!
Pass Case 2 Released 2020. Comes with a wrist strap. Was only sold in the offical iDOLM@STER store... until they decided to sell them online for a week. I was all ready to hire a proxy like for when I got the first one, too.
Pass Case 3 From the Live Broadcast 24magic stream, 2020. It's a folding style, so hopefully it'll be able to carry multiple cards.
Smart Card Case The artist is Kesubi. The design parodies Suica cards. Sekai is another SekiP-coined phase, short for "Seki-chan kawaii"!
Power Bank Released 2021. I had to find a proxy willing to actually mail this to America. Hopefully it works out and I'm not out $40!
Change Purse The artist is Nogiko. "Seki-chan is Kiwi!? No, she is My Cinderella Girl!" Kiwi sounds like 9th place, so Hiromi has been associated with them ever since her Cinderella Girls Election win. Even in context, it's a bit of a non-sequitur, but that's what makes it charming.
Mug 1 Released 2019. Hiromi's statistics are included too. It's a bit odd, but cute.
Mug 2 Released 2021. I didn't expect Hiromi to get two mugs, but I guess she just has an affinity for cookware.
Cork Coaster From the Live Broadcast 24magic stream, 2020. It's a bit of an odd choice, but I guess they wanted goods for the stream that you'd use at home. It looks a bit cool, but at the end of the day, it's still a coaster.
Paella Plate 7th Live goods, released 2019. Based on a line where Hiromi scolds the player for not eating their vegetables. I passed on having Katchi buy this, thinking I could buy it on Amiami... but it went to the Asobi Store! And sold out instantly!! Mitsu saved me and bought it in-store a few days later.
Idol Kitchen Plate From the Live Broadcast 24magic stream, 2020. I can't believe Hiromi has TWO plates. ... Actually, with how many foods she's associated with, maybe I can?
Idol Kitchen Cutting Board From the Live Broadcast 24magic stream, 2020. Again, so many cooking items... It seemed pretty small during the broadcast, so even if I was the type to use my goods, I'm not sure I'd be able to use this when cooking.