Penlight 1 Hiromi's SS3A penlight! The card art is full-color, which I'm not a fan of. iM@S penlights don't use colored LEDs, so the color is determined by the insert. The insert for this penlight is a very standard pink, while the handle is peachy. The peach color is closer to Hiromi's image color.
Penlight 2 Hiromi's 6th Live penlight! The art is silhouette this time. The insert's color has changed to be very peachy, so now it matches the handle.
Penlight 3 Hiromi's 7th Live penlight! The art is silhouette. Every 7th Live penlight uses the idol's initial card, maybe to be fair to all the new idols. Hiromi's initial card is really good compared to some of the others, so I'm happy with it.
Penlight 4 Hiromi's Happy New Yell penlight... or is it? HNY chose to limit the penlights to CuCoPa, instead of releasing as full set of image color penlights. It feels a bit less personal, but I understand why they would have wanted people switching between penlights less. (I kind of want to get Cute penlights from other lives to match, but they're from lives before Hiromi was voiced, so putting them in my Hiromi collection would be a stretch...)
Penlight 5 Hiromi's 10th Anniversary Live penlight! A nice penlight, with silhouetted art printed in silver.
Penlight 6 Hiromi's 10th Anniversary Live penlight... two! This is actually a multi-color penlight, like many other popular idol groups and series use. Probably made to tie in with the final live in the tour, which has a mystery cast.
Penlight Stand 1 A stand from the 6th Live that holds two penlights. I almost bought multiples in order to fill it up right away, but I restrained myself.
Penlight Stand 2 A stand from the 7th Live that holds three penlights, plus the 7th Live badges. It's cute, but if they keep releasing these, I'll never fill one up again.
Multiband 1 A multiband for the 6th Live. You're intended to put a Producer Badge through the opening in the top, stick your P card into the bottom, and pit it to your body. But if you don't want to pin it, you can also snap it together and wear it on your arm. It's stupid.
Multiband 2 A multiband for the 7th Live. I thought that maybe the baton in the middle was actually folded over it, but it's just part of the decoration.
Multiband 3 A multiband for the 10th Anniversary Live. HNY really had be hoping they'd dropped these completely.
Penlight Pouch A penlight pouch for the 7th Live. I don't like this content, I don't wish to see this content. I don't actually know how it works, but I do know that it ruins my plan to chain all of them together because the bottom snap is on the opposite side.
Penlight Cover A penlight cover for the 10th Anniversary Live. Seems functionally identical to the Penlight Pouch, but only holds one penlight. Probably meant to further imply you should only bring one penlight (the fancy multicolor one they're selling for the live) or something. The final stop of the tour made two items for every idol, and they really wasted one of those possible items by making this.