Plastic Bookmark 1 From アイドルマスター シンデレラガールズセレクション2, 2013. Hiromi's first ever solo merch! I tried to buy it back in highschool, but couldn't figure how to order off of Amazon JP.
Plastic Bookmark 2 From アイドルマスターシンデレラガールズセレクション’16 Winter Carav@n, 2016. This was one of the rarer bookmarks in the box, and has a shimmery finish.
Paper Bookmark 1 From Cinderella Studio 4STEP, possibly in 2016. The illustrator is one of the first SekiPs I knew of, so it's really nostalgic.
Paper Bookmark 2 From Cinderella Stage 7STEP, a doujin event in 2019. I'm not sure when the name changed.
Bromide SP A photo of Hiromi at the Eiffel Tower done in a mock-polariod style, with Hiromi's signature! This was a gift from Ned, and it's faded a bit from the sunlight, but that only makes it even cooler.
CM 049~051 WonderGOO Preorder Bromide My holy grail for 2 and a half years, finally realized!! It was being sold in a larger lot, but I managed to buy it seperately! It hasn't arrived yet, but I was so excited to finally have it after so long that I just had to hop on and update for it. Here's a picture of it within the lot!
Bromide 1 From 一番くじ アイドルマスターシンデレラガールズ, 2013. Was an Ichiban Kuji prize, given in a set with other bromides. Lacks the typical photo paper finish.
Bromide 2 Given out at Animate, possibly 2019. Features the newly-voiced 6th election winners in Deep Sky Blaze outfits. The art was originally used for a poll run by Animate, which divided the cast by home prefecture. Hiromi's home prefecture lost, but she appeared on the side of some wasabi senbei box. I really didn't want those, so I was relieved that the art got rereleased.
Bromide 3 6the Live goods, 2018. Hiromi is sitting in the featured card, so she has a lot more headroom than the others in the set.
Postcard 1 Given out at Animate(?), 2019. A "thanksgiving" card, featuring every Cute idol with a CM solo. Hiromi is surprisingly prominent, so I grabbed it.
Print 1 The artist is Hanon. The print was first sold at an event in 2016, and she bundled it with my purchase of the matching charms. It's really cute and striking.
One Steps Print Bundle The artist is Konoha. These prints are about postcard size, and the paper is super shimmery and smooth.
Magazine Poster 1 Printed in Animedia magazine, May 2019. One Steps in the Gekijou art style! I tried to iron out the crease, but it's basically permanent.
CG 4th Anniversary Calendar Bromide As part of a Mobamas campaign in 2014, ~400 card calendars were given out via lottery. Each calendar came with plastic cards for each idol, so you could change the illustration whenever you pleased. A few people have sold off their cards individually, and I managed to grab one of them! It's a bit scratched up, but the picture itself isn't damaged.
Mini Shikishi From ミニ色紙コレクション CUTE, 2017. It's really stiff and sturdy. I think I'd like to have Saayan sign it someday, but with Hiromi's signature already on it, there's not a lot of room.
Mini Folding Screen HNY live goods, 2021. I don't know how I'll display this, but it's a neat centerpiece!
Small Panel Sold by the now-defunct iM@S Panel Shop, ~2018. Despite being smaller, it's much thicker and heavier. I think it's meant to be displayed on a desk like a photo, but it's really goofy-looking no matter how you look at it, haha.
Big Panel Sold by the now-defunct iM@S Panel Shop, ~2018. Despite being bigger, this panel is lighter, so thati can be hung like a photo frame. Even though it's supposed to be all fancy, the picture is slightly pixelated from the upres. Now that the website is gone, it's downright impossible to find product photos of these, or any reference to them at all... It's incredible how quickly these things disappear.
Clear File 1 From 一番くじV アイドルマスター シンデレラガールズ, 2013. Hiromi is off to the size, but still near the front of the group. This is from an old Ichiban Kuji set. She appears in other items of the set as well, but she's so small on those that it's hard to see her.
Clear File 2 Comiket-exclusive, 2014. This features the cast of the Minna no Natsuyasumi event in their yukatas!
Clear File 3 From A4クリアファイルコレクション vol.4 CUTE, 2018. Solo Hiromi, and super vivid due to the material. The set this was released in had a really creepy Momoka file, so I refused to host a split for it.
Clear File 4 Released in 2019. A free gift for buying 1000 yen or more of this specific yogurt brand. I can't help but find it hysterical.
Mini Poster 1 Released in 2018. Styled like a movie poster for Ranko Quest. It's about as long as a regular poster, but pretty thin, so I guess that makes it "mini".
Mini Poster 2 Released in 2019. A Gekijou promo poster with references from the show. Hiromi is in the middle of the pack.
Koi ga Saku Kisetsu Preorder Poster 1 A preorder bonus for ordering Koi ga Saku Kisetsu from Gamers, 2017. Shows an extended view of the CD cover. Really pretty, honestly.
Koi ga Saku Kisetsu Preorder Poster 2 A preorder bonus for ordering Koi ga Saku Kisetsu from Animate, 2017. The same extended view, but smaller and on clearfile plastic. It's really saturated as a result, which doesn't look as good in this case.
Cinderella Master 049-051 Preorder Poster 1 A preorder bonus for ordering CM 049~051 from Tower Records, 2018. There were three stores that had posters as preorder bonuses. I originally wanted to only get one poster, but WonderGOO is a nightmare, so I got this preorder instead. It's absolutely fine, but Hiromi isn't in the center.
Cinderella Master 049-051 Preorder Poster 2 A preorder bonus for ordering CM 049~051 from Animate, 2018. Very saturated again, but I figured that this one would have the best design and wasn't disappointed. It used to be the main CM poster I displayed, but it's since been replaced.
Cinderella Master 049-051 In-Store Poster A poster sent by Columbia to stores, for use in promoting the CM 049~051 set. My favorite of the posters, I was finally able to display it after some shuffling around! I'm glad that it isn't completely covered in text.
Starlight Master for the NEXT! 02 Preorder Poster A preorder bonus for ordering Step & Skip from Amazon, 2019. It's LP size and the largest bonus, so it should have been the best view of the art... but instead it was upscaled, so the poster is all pixelated. It's still pretty, and the pixelization isn't that bad, but it's still totally there.
LITTLE STARS EXTRA! Sing the Prologue♪ Preorder Poster A preorder bonus for ordering Sing the Prologue♪ from Gamers, 2020. Another LP poster, so it's easy to frame. These album names are getting longer and longer. Typically, Gamers bonuses for the LITTLE STARS series required you to buy all 3 discs, but I guess ongoing circumstances caused them to change their strategy.
Tapestry First released at Comiket, 2018. It's absolutely massive, basically lifesize. Making eye contact with this in the middle of the night is a life-threatening experience.
Towel 1 Premium Bandai exclusive, 2018. The material is surprisingly nice and almost quilt-like.
Towel 2 6th live goods, 2018. Barely counts, but every idol in the 6th live as a signature item on the towel. Hiromi's item is one of her handmade necklaces.
Towel 3 7th live goods, 2019. Hiromi's name in pink! It's honestly pretty normal otherwise, so it could blend in with non-anime goods.
Towel 4 7th live goods, 2019. Part of the One Steps live bundle. This towel is HUGE for a promo towel, I literally don't know where to put it.
Towel 5 HNY live goods, 2021. I think it's actually more like a handkerchief.
Mousepad Released in 2019. It's a thin plastic sheet, rather than foam and cloth like I expected. I bought two copies so I could use one, and it's alright.
Gekijou Cafe Song Request Tickets Both of my tickets are from the 3rd Season cafe, in 2018.
FC Buddyfight Cards (JP) Released in 2019. Three versions, two of them holo! I'm pretty sure there's no non-holo version of the Idol Rare.
FC Buddyfight Cards (EN) Released in 2019. Three versions, two of them holo! I'm really shocked that this set got an English release. This is Hiromi's first official foreign merch! I should probably check to see if the set was released in any other regions.
Commissions Actually go through my gotdamn paper commissions and catalog them. I could print off my digital commissions, too.
Gifts Lots of small Hiromis that were sent as gift art by friends and artists I've bought goods from! I keep every single one ♥