Cinderella Master Koi ga Saku Kisetsu CD The Cinderella Girls 6th General Election CD, released in December 2017. Hiromi features on the main track, which is reserved for the top 3 of each category. It's her debut work, so I bought three copies.
Cinderella Master 049 Rakuen CD Hiromi's solo debut, released in April 2018! Along with her solo, she's featured on an original drama track, and some of her Mobamas lines are reprinted as a bonus track. It was sold in a bundle with CM 050 and CM 051. I bought three copies again, but sold off all but two of the CM 049 discs.
Cinderella Master 049-051 In-Store CD A CD sent by Columbia to stores, for use in promoting the CM 049-051 set. Probably one of the rarest things I own.
Master Seasons Spring CD Released in April 2018. Hiromi is featured in one of the group songs, HARURUNRUN.
Starlight Master 19 With Love CD Released in July 2018. Hiromi is featured on the C-side of the CD, always! This song was originally sung by the top 5 overall in the 6th Election, but the Deresute event had the five newly-voiced girls perform it instead. This song is a massive tearjerker, especially if you've spent a long time invested in a certain idol. It's a targetted attack.
Cinderella Girls Theater (Gekijou) 3rd Season Part 2 BD Saya Aizawa is featured on the bonus CD, along with Momoka's VA! Hiromi also appears on the cover, and some of her costumes are featured in the booklet.
Master Seasons Spring Solo Collection CD The only way to make a group song with Hiromi better is to release a solo version. This CD was a 6th live exclusive, but evetually the price dipped on Surugaya. The cover is really pretty and shimmery!
Starlight Master 26 Bi ni Iri Sai o Ugatsu CD Released in February 2019. Hiromi is featured on the C-side of the CD, Aikurushii ~SS3A Remix~. It's a surprisingly bitter song.
Starlight Master for the Next! 02 Step & Skip CD Released in November 2019. Hiromi is finally on the A-side, singing Step & Skip with Hotaru and Nono! New to SMFTN, the solo versions of the song are also included, meaning that Hiromi gets two tracks. The lyrics express each member's insecurities, and the bridge calls back to each of their solo songs... it's really perfect for them.
Cinderella Girls 7th LIVE TOUR Special 3chord♪ Comical Pops! SPECIAL LIVE ALBUM Released in 2020, this CD is a bonus for ordering the Comical Pops! BD from Columbia's store. There are live albums for each recent BD, but this is the first one that has Saya Aizawa on it! She's featured on the live version of Kyun・Kyun・Max.
LITTLE STARS EXTRA! Sing the Prologue♪ CD Released in August 2020. The title track was used as the first ending to Cinderella Girls Gekijou Season 5! It was the first Gekijou ending to receive a full animated ending instead of just a 30-second ending, but it sacrificed having a 3D dance in the mobile game. Similarly, the CD has solo songs for some idols that sorely need them, but it sacrifices having solo tracks for the main song... so there's only one song on the CD with Hiromi, even though she's on the cover. It's a cute song though, so I can't be too salty.
Starlight Master GOLD RUSH! 06 THE VILLAIN'S NIGHT CD Released in February 2021. Like the "for the Next!" series, solo tracks are included, so Hiromi sings on two tracks in total. While she didn't have a card in the event, Hiromi is the absolute center of the song, and she does an awesome job! This is Hiromi's first song that plays up her ability to look cool and scary, and I'm glad she's able to explore more of her range.
CINDERELLA GIRLS 10th ANNIVERSARY M@GICAL WONDERLAND TOUR!!! CosmoStar Land Original CD Released in January 2022. Contains solo versions of the songs released on the Koi ga Saku Kisetsu album, so Hiromi has a Koi ga Saku Kisetsu solo! I kind of wish they'd added her always solo as well, but I figured they would limit it to the singers on the original release. Because of the pandemic, they've started selling these venue-exclusives online ahead of the event, making them much more convinient to pick up.
Starlight Master R/LOCK ON! 03 Kabocha-hime CD Released in March 2022. Following the trend of the "GOLD RUSH!" series, R/LOCK ON! includes solo tracks, so the CD has two Hiromi tracks total. Geez, Hiromi, Columbia let you have two halloween songs? Kabocha-hime doubled as the theme song for the MerryMaerchen Land live concert, so fitting with that theme, it blends a lot of fairy tale and spooky motifs into one strange little song. It's more of a "cute" song than THE VILLIAN'S NIGHT, but it still has its own niche.
Starlight Master R/LOCK ON! 05 Tropical Girl CD Released in May 2022. Finally a full CD release for the Adabana Necromancy cover released in 2021! Hiromi covers the parts sung by Lily in the original, so Hiromi is trans confirmed she gets like no lines... but the lines she does get are cute, so its okay.
Starlight Master R/LOCK ON! 08 Love-U-da♡Triangle CD Released in September 2022. Hiromi features on the B-side "Handmade Smile", which is her long-awaited second solo song! It's a very upbeat and fashionable-sounding song with a groovy bassline (that I thiiink was performed by the composer). Continuing the themes of gratitiude found in Rakuen, Handmade Smile features Hiromi looking to thank the listener/Producer... but this time, she's much more sure about herself. There's no fear in her words. It's wonderful being able to hear how far she's come over the years! ;_;
Cinderella Master Cute jewelries! 004 CD Released in September 2022. Only a week after "Handmade Smile" comes the finishing blow to SekiP across the world! Hiromi features on three tracks for this one: the cross-jewelries song "Mitomete Kurenakutatte Ii yo", the cute jewelries group song "Chocolate? Lemonade? Docchi??", and a cover of Rika Komatsu's "my sweet heart" of Tokyo Mew Mew fame. Both of the original songs are excellent, but there are literally no words to describe how stunned I was when I saw Hiromi's jewelries cover was my first anisong ever, the song I played over my family speakers so much as a kid that my family STILL makes fun of me for it. It suits her perfectly of course, even though the instrumentals are trademark Columbia karaoke quality. I just... still can't believe that Hiromi's cover was a song so important to my childhood.
Starlight Master PLATINUM NUMBER 01 MOTTO! CD Released in December 2022. Sending off this jam-packed 2022 with a bang, Hiromi finally got to sing an anniversary song! Continuing the theme of previous Starlight Master series, she features on two tracks, the "main" group track and a solo track. I don't know how else to describe this song besides "Tiktokcore", but I'll be damned if it doesn't do a good job at that. It's absurdly catchy.
The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls -Barrel Org@n Arrangement master 05- "One Steps" A doujin CD released by product-EDW in 2019. Track 2 is a remix of Rakuen for the barrel organ. It has an odd circus-y sound to it. The case is really thin, so it still fits on my stuffed CD shelf.
The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls -Barrel Org@n Arrangement master 07- "trio" A doujin CD released by product-EDW in 2020. This time, Track 1 is a remix of Step & Skip for the barrel organ. This remix was uploaded in full online, but the cover has Hiromi on it this time, so I still bought it...
GBNS & Mezase Kirakira Model Idol Challenge EP A doujin CD released by Positive Records in 2020. Rather than a remix, this CD has original image songs for a variety of idols! Hiromi's song on the album is Bracelet wa Barairo, a cute classic idol-ish song.
SS3A Live Sound Booth BD The live recording of SS3A, Saya Aizawa's first major live portraying Hiromi! The set includes 3 discs, with Day 1 and 2, along with a backstage digest. Sayaan was featured on both days. SS3A had a "jukebox remix" sort of gimmick, and the special Aikurushii mix is really relaxing.
Cinderella Girls 6th LIVE MERRY-GO-ROUNDOME @ NAGOYA DOME BD The live recording of CG 6th, the annual CG live for 2018! I bought it secondhand, so the box is damaged along the bottom, but it's hard to see unless you know where to look. The set includes 5 discs, with Day 1 and 2, along with a backstage digest. Saayan was featured on the second day, and appears on discs 3, 4, and 5.
Cinderella Girls 7th LIVE TOUR Special 3chord♪ Comical Pops! BD The live recording of CG 7th, the annual CG live for 2019! The set includes 5 discs, with Day 1 and 2, along with a backstage digest. Sayaan was featured on both days. It shipped out mere days before EMS service stopped for the USA, but somehow arrived without incident a few months later. Comical Pops has the weakest gimmick, in my opinion ("skits" compared to "cool dance numbers" and "a live band") but the live feels cute and well put-together, so I really enjoyed watching it!
THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS Broadcast & Live Happy New Yell!!! BD The live recording of Happy New Yell!!!, a New Years live for 2021. The set includes 6 discs, with Day 1 and 2, along with a backstage digest. Sayaan was featured on the second day. This is the first live with Sayaan to not have Rakuen on the setlist, which is a bit surreal? Spoilers: it's on the setlist for the 10 anni live too! The gimmick for this live was a heavy amount of AR, to make up for the lack of audience. It's cute! (Also, while there have been more BD releases since then... they're too expensive so I don't have them yet ;_; Soon... maybe...!)