Clear Charm From クリアステンドチャームコレクション ver.Cute, 2017. The clear half of the heart was pink in the packaging, but the color is so faint that it looks transparent. I've seen people selling it as "presumably sun-damaged", but it really is just that clear...
Pukutto Charm From ぷくっとキーホルダーVer.2, 2017. It looks like something that would be part of a blind box, but it wasn't.
Standee Charm From アイドルマスター シンデレラガールズ スタキー CUTE, 2017. Can be displayed as an acrylic stand, or on a ballchain. Either option means that you're stuck with an extra bump that ruins the silhouette.
Acrylic Minicchu (Big) Comiket-exclusive goods, released in 2017. Giant Minicchu merch is standard for all iM@S branches (somehow).
Acrylic Minicchu (Small) A standard release reprint, 2019. They look kind of weird placed next to each other, so I keep them on opposite sides of the board.
Rubber Strap 1 From トイズワークスコレクションにいてんごむっ! アイドルマスター シンデレラガールズ Vol.2, 2018. The backing is fluorescent pink, and actually hurts a bit to look at.
Rubber Strap 2 From 一番くじ アイドルマスター シンデレラガールズ~Cinderella’s Adventure!~, 2018. The backing is brown, which works really well for this card's design.
Mini Ruler Released in 2018. An absolute unit (of measurement).
Tin Keychain Released in 2019. It's basically a normal can badge, but instead of a pin backing, it has a keychain. It's pretty odd, though I was able to put it on my pinboard eventually.
Acrylic Keychain 1 This is a prize from THE iDOLM@STER STORE in-store lottery, but because you're allowed to choose which idol you get for the lower tiers, there are basically none sold secondhand. I ended up using Otsukai to request one, and it arrived the day before Hiromi's birthday 2018!
Acrylic Keychain 2 From とびきゃら トレーディングアクリルキーホルダー Cute vol.2, 2019. Advertised as like stained glass. They printed designs on both sides of the acrylic, which gives it an interesting depth.
Acrylic Keychain 3 This is a prize from THE iDOLM@STER STORE in-store lottery, replacing the one I previously got. For the same reason as that one, I requested it from Otsukai, and coincidentally got paired up with the same person who I ordered from last time! It took a while due to circumstances, but it safely arrived before Hiromi's birthday 2020.
Acrylic Keychain 4 From CLIMAX SEASON 『とびきゃら』トレーディングアクリルキーホルダー, 2019. It's really small-- about as tall as the badge that released alongside it.
Acrylic Keychain 5 Released in 2020. Uses a still from a Starlight Stage 5th Anniversary ad animated by Cloverworks. It was just a second, but seeing Hiromi animated so beautifully was incredible.
Gekijou Full Body Keychain 1 Released in 2019. Gekijou has a long-running set of full body keychains, and this is the first for Hiromi.
Gekijou Full Body Keychain 2 Released in 2019. Another keychain from the Gekijou set.
Gekijou Full Body Keychain 3 Released in 2020. Another keychain from the Gekijou set. I'm really thankful that they skipped over her Smiling Guardian costume, her CM costume is much cuter.
Gekijou Full Body Keychain 4 Released in 2020. Another keychain from the Gekijou set. According to the card this outfit is from, Hiromi made the charm on her bag, and gave matching charms to the other members of GBNS.
Acrylic Charm 1 From SS3A Live Sound Booth♪, 2018. SS3A had a jukebox/record theme, so some of the merch does too. I was surprised at the size!
Acrylic Charm 2 Released in 2018. GBNS offical merch, with all the unit costumes. This one came with either a phone strap or keychain top, and I got the strap version.
Acrylic Charm 3 From ぷちちょこアクリルキーホルダー, 2018. Has a really pretty motif, but it's so tiny!
Acrylic Charm 4 From 東急ハンズ限定 トレーディングアクリルストラップ 第2弾 A, 2019. I love the snowflake motif of this one! I'm really bad at guessing the size on these-- I thought it would be much smaller.
Acrylic Pinched Charm Released in 2019. It's hard to tell if Hiromi is upset or not based on her expression. This came with either a phone strap or keychain top, and I ended up ordering the phone strap. It's decently large, but if it was smaller I'd order a duplicate to use.
SMFTN 02 Step & Skip Preorder Keychain A preorder bonus for ordering Step & Skip from Rakuten Books, 2019. It's quite small, and the hole is in the corner, which will make it hard to hang up. Still, I'm really excited that they're doing new CD merch, and I would rather have this than another bromide.
Acrylic Block From AnimeJapan2020. It's technically a keychain, but the acrylic is so thick that it stands by itself. It's a bit intimidating.
Metal Charm The artist is Takoyaki Girls, a group that specializes in iM@S fangames. I believe one of their games is translated, and can be bought on DLsite? The charm is cute and sturdy, and came with what I'm pretty sure is a temporary tattoo. I still haven't used it.
Acrylic Outfit Charm Set The artist is Hanon. This set is based on her earlier "My Closet" print, with the addition of the Autumn Craft costume, seen in Hiromi's first voiced card.
Acrylic Charm (One Steps) The artist is Konoha. The clasp she uses on her charms are really cute, so I didn't remove it.
Acrylic Charm (Penguins) The artist is Konoha. Hiromi looks so cute next to all the penguins! I ended up ordering this seperately because I was so excited for the reprint.
Acrylic Charm (One Steps) The artist is Nogiko. The One Steps event was only announced a few days before this design was sold, which is an impressive turnaround.
Acrylic Charm (Kansha Kangeki) The artist is Nogiko. 感謝感激関裕美 is... not really a meme, but a phrase commonly used by SekiPs? Hiromi's theme of gratitude runs deep. I really like the graphic design of this charm.
Acrylic Charm (Youthful Debut) The artist is Nogiko. A rosette-style charm based on Hiromi's SSR2. It's gorgeous!
Acrylic Charm (Stained Glass Style) The artist is karindrops. She's drawn in an original outfit, surrounded by roses. It's called a stained glass charm, but it doesn't have a strong stained glass look.
Shaker Charm (One Steps) The artist is Konoha. It's a shaker charm made out of soft plastic! It reminds me of keychains I had as a kid. It's pleasant to shake around, though it's tough to make the glitter not cover anyone's faces.
Hotel Keychain The artist is Kesubi. I'm not exactly sure where this style of keychain came from (besides hotels, I guess) but I've seen official goods in this style for other series. The number 163 can be read as Hi-Ro-Mi, so it's occasionally used as a nickname for her.
Bag Charm (Country Step) The artist is Fuzihina. It's a lovely little straw hat, decorated to match Hiromi's SSR3. I'm usually too slow to order one of a kind pieces like this, so I'm glad I was able to grab it!