Happi A crowdfunded happi coat, 2018. This is one of the coolest Hiromi things I own. The organizer of the campaign was incredibly patient with me, despite the language barrier and my general buffoonery. The artist that made the illustration on the back is Sacco!
Shirt 1 First released at Winter Comiket, 2017. The cloth is an athletic-wear material. Hiromi is printed on the back of the shirt, so theoretically you can hide her with your jacket.
Shirt 2 Premium Bandai exclusive, 2018. It's really soft, and the design feels dyed deeply into the fabric. It's really cute!
Shirt 3 From ちまドル アイドルマスター シンデレラガールズ ワンステップスセット, 2019. I was so happy to see Hiromi kept as the unit center! The minimalist design is cute, and it uses One Steps logo colors despite the logo not being officially confirmed at the time. Gift sometimes releases ChimaDol keychains to match the shirts, and I really hope they do that for this too.
Shirt 4 From the Live Broadcast 24magic stream, 2020. The silhouette look is really cool! Hiromi's pose works perfectly with the "window" shape as well. She really looks like Cinderella, like this.
Apron From the Live Broadcast 24magic stream, 2020. Worn during the Idol Kitchen segment, the top of the apron features the participants in chibi form. I'm kind of surprised that Hiromi is in the center, rather than the judge Kanako, but don't mistake that for a complaint!
Tote Bag 1 Premium Bandai exclusive, 2018. The quality is pretty good, and the bag holds its shape when when there's nothing inside. There's a really cute clock motif to match the Cinderella theme of the series, and combined with her outfit, Hiromi looks ready to meet her Fairy Godmother.
Tote Bag 2 The artist is Konoha. I placed an order with her before this was available to buy, and she sent one as a gift! It's hard to read in the thumbnail, but the bag says "You have to walk before you can run". It's a phrase that really suits One Steps.
Shoulder Bag Released in 2020. Someone at Amiami must really like Hiromi, because this bag is FULL of references. The color is based on her initial card, with the inner lining using the same pattern as her N+ card. The monogram patch has a celestial motif, referencing the round boi that SekiP like to meme about all the time. I... ended up buying two of them.
Lanyard A pink lanyard for the 7th Live, 2019. It has her name printed on it, but it's rather plain. Comes with a cord holder, which is also pretty plain. Live goods can be like that sometimes.
Rubber Bracelet A pink bracelet for the 7th Live, 2019. This thing is SO small, I can't put it on without worrying that it'll break. I wish that Hiromi's first official jewelry had been better than this.
Sweatband From the Live Broadcast 24magic stream, 2020. It's... kind of plain, honestly? One side has Hiromi's name embroidered on it, and the other has a patch with the stream logo. Still a better accessory than the rubber bracelet, though.