I made (edited) a WebAmp skin for Hiromi, so now that's up instead of the older one!! I'm really shocked at how well it went. I'll add in new songs slowly, so please look forward to it!

Still no Hiromi figure :')

Honestly, I feel kind of guilty not getting Hiromi goods. But my husband and I will be going to FFXIV Fanfest next month, so hopefully the lack of goods and eating nothing but hotdogs and rice will pay off!!

... I should make a page for my WoL before then so I can meet people. In the meantime, her toyhou.se page is coming along nicely. I'm hoping to enter her into Artfight this year too, as long as the theme suits her and/or my alt.

Actually, speaking of art, I should make a page showing off Hiromi art I've commissioned over the years! I'm never sure what to do with them, but showing them off here might be nice. Like one of those old-school fanart galleries.

UPDATE: none of this matters I got Webamp working on my page!! I've popped in a few free remixes of beloved Hiromi tracks!! \TuT/ I'll try to make a Hiromi-themed skin to better suit the site, but for now this still works really well!!!

Sorry for the lack of written updates! Life has been busy, and also I keep playing chicken with figure companies thinking they'll announce a Hiromi figure soon and losing really badly.

I'm brainstorming a few different pages right now (hiromi introduction! my va-11 hall-a shrine! a page for my ffxiv wol!) but admitedly a lot of them are butting up against the current site layout... I'd say "maybe I'll make a new layout", but with holidays and a new patch looming on the horizon, I feel like adjusting the aesthetic of the pages might be a more practical solution :'D White and pink can be cyberpunk too, right? Right?

As for pictures of the display... it's such a mess that I won't dare show it ;_; the apartment is just too small! And Hiromi keeps getting more merch! She's completely outpaced my home and wallet... I'm proud of her, but it means I'm not sure when I'll be able to have everything presentable. I'll keep trying new display options, and hopefully by her next birthday it'll be good.

On a non-site note, because it feels important to document here... the Cinderella Girls mobile game, also known as Mobamas, is ending service soon. It lasted for over 10 years, and completely changed how gaming works, for better or... probably worse based on all of the new laws that have been imposed because of it, haha. I'll probably make a small page for my fleet-- despite being an irregular player and trade-banned (we don't talk about it), I managed to get a lot of Hiromi's cards over the years. Or I could try and rank in her event happening literally right now in Deresute...


Ehhhhh it'll probably be fine.

Hiromi's birthday came and went without a hitch! Actually, there were several hitches-- I still have no way to display all of my shirts, the massive boards I got for can badges and keychains are just about full, and I think I'm just going to get an acid-free scrapbook for my flats at this point... but a display was made, and it looks better than last year. So, here it is!

(Yes, I put a plate on top of the branded plate to avoid making it dirty, haha...)
The stream I mentioned in my last update ended up going really well, by the way! Saayan almost made it though the cooking segment without incident, but she accidentally over-salted her team's dish to the point of making the judge cry... which is about what I expected. It was a fun time! I'm adding in the live goods from this stream in advance, because there's... a lot, and I should handle these things properly. (Also I'm putting off schoolwork but whatever--)

Why even make excuse at this point, lol... Hiromi's birthday is in a few days, so I'm trying to get everything cleaned up and properly displayed. I don't have enough room for it all, so it's kind of stressful. But not having room is 100% my own fault for getting too many things. Rather than setting lofty goals for myself, I'll do my best to take a good photo and finally show everyone my collection as-is.
PS: There's going to be a 24 hour stream in September to replace the usual live! Hiromi's VA will be appearing in the morning, so it's a good timeslot if you're overseas. Here's a link to the schedule-- please check it out if you're interested!

Sorry things have been so slow! I want to blame my recent absence of how mail and new releases have slowed to a crawl, and that might be a small factor, but I've just been busy. Jeremy got injured so I've had to take over more of the household (apartmenthold?) chores, online classes are awful, online work is mindnumbing... but I still feel bad complaining, because it could be so much worse. After all, I'm still able to think about collecting in a time like this. :'D Anyways, I'll get everything nice and updated! Then, once classes are 100% done, maybe I'll start adding some of my smaller, more casual collections.

New update! I have some new goods incoming to add to the collection. My next focus might be getting the Plamo page up and running before the weather turns... I've built a lot this winter, somehow! I just found out that a semi-local hobby shop also hosts Paint Nights, so I might be able to get some spray work done before May at this rate. I feel like I'm overflowing with ideas! Just need to make sure they all get effort and attention. On another note, I'm super excited for ACNH! I'll post my Friend Code once it releases \o/

I finally figured out how to lay the site out in a way that should allow me to add new pages easily! I'm going to start keeping track of updates from now on. On an unrelated note, I've been watching Clannad with Jeremy and we just watched episode 16 of After Story... shit hurts :(