Welcome to Rakuen! You can call me CC. I'm 28, female, and finally graduated with a degree in History! My experience with coding is limited; I refered to the Neopets HTML guide when setting up my forum signatures even in my late teens. But haha, I can totally make a website! My inspiration for hosting my collections on a website was the various sites made by Pokemon Collectors members, but I chose to use Neocities in paticular because Cecy kept talking about how cool it was. She was right, and here we are.

The primary goal of this page is to serve as a collection archive. I currently have an almost-but-basically complete-ish Hiromi Seki merchandise collection, which is my pride and joy. When I first started producing Hiromi in 2012, merchandise of her was nonexistant. It wasn't until early 2018 that she really started picking up steam; coincidentally, this was when I moved in with my boyfriend and got hit with a one-two punch of "disposable income" and "an empty shelf on his display case". It was a deadly combination, and the only reason I've survived is because I don't have any other expensive hobbies. Mid-pandemic economic struggles finally hit me in the wallet too strongly to maintain my complete collection in 2022... I've managed to keep up with CD releases, but I'm currently behind on both live goods and more esoteric stuff like the pub mirror and the signature bizenware. I'll still try to document these on my site, but my odds of getting all of them secondhand are pretty low. Figures that I was in a rough patch when the Yen was low...

While my Hiromi collection is my priority, I swear I do have other interests! I'd like to make a page for my VA-11 HALL-A collection and a comfy digital shrine for ARIA. I'm also interested in Pokemon, early 2000s magical girls, and Gunpla/Mecha Musume kits! FFXIV has taken over my life too, so it'd be fun to show off my WoL.

You can contact me at gardivoir @ gmail (.) com, or on Twitter @ accidias.